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QuickBooks® and Windows 8

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January 9th 2013 by

I came to this game late in life. While many of you grew up on DOS or even Windows 95, I started my computer journey on Windows 98 and 2000. I still considered myself green even on Windows XP, which for years was my favorite OS until Windows 7.

Fortunately for me, I never had to really use Vista, but honestly, Windows 7 was and still is Vista-“fixed.” Still, I love Windows 7. I am grateful Intuit® let me change early from XP to 7, even though as a company, many didn’t convert until recently. After watching Bill Gates’ and Jerry Seinfeld’s Windows Vista “saving” commercial, I knew Vista was a dead man walking ….

This article focuses on what QuickBooks® products I was able to install recently on Windows 8. On 7, even though we only “technically” support 2010 and up, I was able to get 2009 and up working fine. I only install Intuit’s supported prior versions on the new Windows OS. It is critical to note that my experience might not be the law as far as what QuickBooks’ years work on 8, and Intuit will support only “technically” QuickBooks 2013 on Windows 8; we have certified ONLY QuickBooks 2013 on 8.

However, last week I was able to get many other years on my virtual 8 PC. I remote in from Texas to an 8 box in California. This approach should make it harder, one would think, as I am doing the installs remotely, but that was not my experience. Though some minor issues, which I will detail a bit below, each QuickBooks version installed perfectly.

I was at the NYCPAP show on Long Island several weeks ago and my buddy, Jim Filicetti, bought one of the Dell laptops they were selling cheap there, which had Windows 8 on it. I asked Jim if I could install QuickBooks Accountant 2013 and Enterprise Solutions 13.0 on it for him while he was talking with tax professionals. It made my week, using Windows 8 for the first time. If you have never seen Windows 8, please check out this profound article on the new OS by Brian Tankersley.

With my limited Windows experience vs. Brian, I will let him do the heavy lifting. That being said, Windows 8 is my new favorite OS, period. The launch screen is a bunch of related and unrelated App windows. Oh, it takes a while to find stuff. For example, where the heck is the start button? Well, the launch screen is kind of the start button … but if you click your mouse in the lowest, leftist (I am actually quite a conservative guy) corner of your screen, you can find the start button.

Back in the office a week or more later, I remoted into my Windows 8 PC in California and found the desktop in about 10 seconds. I installed Google Chrome immediately, signed into my QuickBooks ProAdvisor® site and started to download QuickBooks 2009-2013. I know 09 isn’t a supported prior version, but I just knew I would get the question: “Well, I know Intuit says you only support 2013, but I have clients on prior years and my firm is upgrading to 8, so, what “really” installs …”

QuickBooks Accountant 2013 and Enterprise Solutions 13.0, and for that matter Pro, Premier and any version of Enterprise Solutions will install on Windows 8 – no problem. It’s the same process as last year, so long as you can find the Desktop on Windows 8. Look for the panel on the Windows 8 start screen, and yes, it is called “desktop.” Once on desktop, open IE 10 (which by the way has the browser URL field at the bottom of the IE window) log into your account, find your downloads area and save the executable on your desktop. Run it just like before.

I was able to do this for all QuickBooks versions 2009-2013. Now, Intuit only supports 2013 on Windows 8, and as far as our supported prior versions, 2010 and up. We sunset 2009 last June (QuickBooks Discontinue Policy, However, I wanted to see how far back I could go. I was not a fan of QuickBooks 2008, so I will never install that year on anything, but 2009 works excellent on Windows 8, go figure.

Intuit had to get “certified” for 2013 to behave well on 8, which started to cause me concern about our supported prior years, as firms use them much more than any new QuickBooks version. Just because I upgrade over the summer, and do alpha and beta testing, doesn’t mean my peers install QuickBooks Accountant 2013 at the end of September. I needed to know the older years would work. Because 8 uses IE10, I had my concerns (mostly because of Charlie Russell) that Loan Manager, imbedded IE browsers and some of the Planning utility tools (Cash Flow Projector) would fail right out of the box. Some of our QB do not support IE9. Yet, I only experienced minor issues.

What about the dreaded PDF issues that seem to often plague QuickBooks? I experienced no issues whatsoever, even in 2009. I was able to not only save an invoice as a pdf, but also do a bank reconcile in 09, 10, 11, 12 and 13 with no errors. It was the first thing I did upon installation and registration of the product, opened Rock Castle Construction and did a bank rec as of 11/30/12. Not even a hint of an issue regarding pdf. I experienced two minor issues worth noting:

  1. Closing out of QuickBooks 09 and 10, I get a runtime error. Just click cancel. Nothing comes of it. And it might even be intermittent, but totally harmless. I doubt we will fix this one, as again, 09 is not a supported prior QuickBooks version and 10 is sunset come May 2013.
  2. Loan manager in 2011 did give me an error that I have to change my IE compatibility settings in order for it to launch. There is a link to a Knowledge Base article to figure that out. Then Loan Manager will work. Loan Manager worked in all other QuickBooks years, even 2009 (Huh? Go figure).
  3. The Planning and Budgeting tools, Cash Flow Projector and The Business Planner all launched and worked fine. Yes, even in QuickBooks 2009.

In the end, QuickBooks 2009 was my favorite surprise on Windows 8. It is super fast and worked grand for me. QuickBooks 2011 was the one that had some minor issues. QuickBooks 2010, 2012 and 2013 all worked swimmingly. Unlike 1976, it is quite safe to go in the water (a reference to Jaws for those of us old enough to remember DOS).

Again, if you want to know more about Windows 8, QuickBooks and possible issues, the KB article is

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