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Top 4 Priorities for Intuit® Tax Online 2014

Top 4 Priorities for Intuit<sup>®</sup> Tax Online 2014
Article Post Date
April 21st 2014 by Jorge Olavarrieta

As an Intuit® Tax Online (ITO) customer, you are on the leading edge of the transformation taking place in the professional tax software industry. Up to this point, we have … [Read More…]


Game-changing Shortcuts with QuickBooks® Online

Game-changing Shortcuts with QuickBooks<sup>®</sup> Online
Article Post Date
April 14th 2014 by Scott Cytron

In today’s technology-driven world, there are shortcuts in many software products, but few that go beyond simple time savers and into content. According to a new article, “QuickBooks Online Keyboard … [Read More…]


Top 10 Sales & Use Tax Tips for QuickBooks® Users

Top 10 Sales & Use Tax Tips for QuickBooks<sup>®</sup> Users
Article Post Date
April 3rd 2014 by Shane Ratigan

At Avalara, we work very closely with CPAs and accountants who either provide sales and use tax compliance and consulting services, or outsource this function to other firms.
Over the last … [Read More…]


April 2014 Tax Compliance and To-Do List

April 2014 Tax Compliance and To-Do List
Article Post Date
April 1st 2014 by Intuit Tax Planning Guide 2013

Tax season is almost over. Although you’ll probably take a few days off after April 15, there are several key business activities that should not be neglected, as well as … [Read More…]


Work Smarter With QuickBooks® Accountant and Lacerte®

Work Smarter With QuickBooks<sup>®</sup> Accountant and Lacerte<sup>®</sup>
Article Post Date
March 20th 2014 by Jaysson Gurwell

In my practice, two software programs dominate my time: QuickBooks® Accountant (QBA) and Lacerte®. With about 90% of my business clients using QuickBooks, and having been a Lacerte user for … [Read More…]


How QuickBooks® Accountant Saves You Time & Money

How QuickBooks<sup>®</sup> Accountant Saves You Time & Money
Article Post Date
March 20th 2014 by Laura Madeira

Who says you can’t add hours to your day? In this article I share with you my favorite QuickBooks® Accountant tools and how they help me save time and make … [Read More…]


3 Steps to Creating a Payroll Plan Using QuickBooks® Online Payroll

3 Steps to Creating a Payroll Plan Using QuickBooks<sup>®</sup> Online Payroll
Article Post Date
March 12th 2014 by Heather Satterley

When meeting with a new client for the first time, one of the most important topics is how they handle their payroll. Payroll is complicated; it is our job as … [Read More…]


Printers Going Out of Style

Printers Going Out of Style
Article Post Date
March 11th 2014 by KEY Accounting Group

In a previous post, I talked about the tools we do not need at our desk any longer. And it’s true, there are many we do not need or even … [Read More…]


How to Remove Unneeded EINs from a QuickBooks® Desktop Payroll Subscription

How to Remove Unneeded EINs from a QuickBooks<sup>®</sup> Desktop Payroll Subscription
Article Post Date
March 5th 2014 by Nancy Tanaka

If your Intuit® Payroll subscription (or the subscriptions of your clients) for Enhanced Payroll for Accountants, Basic, Standard or Enhanced Payroll contains EINs that are no longer used or needed, … [Read More…]


Scanners on Every Desk

Scanners on Every Desk
Article Post Date
March 5th 2014 by KEY Accounting Group

In the days of yore, the file preparer’s desk was fairly standard. You could find pencils and pens of all colors and sizes prepared to scratch indelible marks on the … [Read More…]

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