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Why Scaling New Heights is a Must-Attend Conference

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February 4th 2016 by

At Woodard Events, we are passionate about small business success, and we have been giving much thought to the needs of small business – the problem areas that cause businesses to either fail or fail to reach their potential. We believe we can boil that set of needs down to a single, overarching shortcoming of most small businesses throughout the U.S., and even the world: management deficiencies.

The consistent failure of small businesses to effectively manage isn’t an indictment of ownership. People don’t start businesses because they are experts in business management; they start businesses because they are exerts in their trade, their field, their profession, their art form or their scientific discipline. But, a business doesn’t achieve excellence just because  people within a business are excellent or because its people create excellent products, provide excellent services, or achieve excellent discoveries or inventions. Businesses are excellent, and small businesses thrive, when they combine their excellence of people and product with competent management.

Enter the accounting professional.

The accounting professional has a powerful opportunity to transform the way small businesses operate, generating small business success by strengthening (or embracing) their role as a trusted advisor. In other words, the most straightforward answer to management deficiency is an accounting professional who provides forward-looking measurements built on accurate and actionable financial information, mentorship of clients, and business coaching.

This powerful opportunity (or does the trust clients place in us make it a mandate?) for the whole of the accounting profession serves as the basis of the training we offer at Scaling New Heights – the foundation of our goal to empower accountants as they play an epic role with their clients.

So, we have designed Scaling New Heights to equip accountants to embrace “The Epic Practice.” During our opening breakouts on Sunday afternoon, we are offering two tracks focused specifically on the Epic Practice: “The Epic ProAdvisor®,” which will focus specifically on Intuit®-centric practitioners providing cutting edge practice growth, business development and strategic planning, and “The Epic Firm,” produced in partnership with Boomer Consulting, Inc.  “The Epic Firm” track is designed for firms with a wider range of offerings (e.g. full service CPA firms or bookkeeping practices that also offer management consulting, business coaching and other strategic services to their clients).

Then, to continue the educational journey, my opening keynote on Monday morning will focus on the epic heroes of ancient Greece, specifically covering the mythology that inspired the iconic Atlantis venue, extracting lessons for accounting professionals from the heroic deeds (and, at times, the devastating failures) of the legendary figures of ancient Greece.

All of the keynotes and breakout sessions in the conference, along with all of the networking activities and the exhibit hall, are connected to the theme as well. Everything about the conference experience will equip accountants to better manage their practices, develop key professional skills,  hone management consulting skills and, of course, master small business technologies, such as QuickBooks® Desktop, QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Point of Sale and a wide range of products that integrate with QuickBooks.

Join us for the largest gathering of certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors in the world, for cutting-edge training, the world’s largest expo of QB-integrated solutions, a luxurious Caribbean destination and a practice-changing experience that is … well … Epic!

For more information and to register, click here.

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