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Check Out the Goodies Intuit® is Working on in QuickBooks® Online Labs

Check Out the Goodies Intuit<sup>®</sup> is Working on in QuickBooks<sup>®</sup> Online Labs
Article Post Date
May 5th 2015 by Bryan Tritt

If you’re anything like us, you love to be the first person with access to the latest and greatest tools and features. We’re always working hard to improve our product, … [Read More…]


TSheets Unveils White Glove Service for QuickBooks ProAdvisors®

TSheets Unveils White Glove Service for QuickBooks ProAdvisors<sup>®</sup>
Article Post Date
April 21st 2015 by Scott Cytron

A productivity tool to streamline payroll, billing, invoicing and labor costing, QuickBooks ProAdvisors® can now receive the exclusive TSheets PRO program at no charge for life.
The TSheets PRO Program for … [Read More…]


Enhancing the Experience with QuickBooks® Accountant 2016

Enhancing the Experience with QuickBooks<sup>®</sup> Accountant 2016
Article Post Date
April 20th 2015 by Scott Cytron

At Intuit®, we have seen tremendous growth in our outreach to accountants, yet we are always looking to improve. According to a new article on Intuitive Accountant, the synergy between small … [Read More…]


Latest QuickBooks’® Updates

Latest QuickBooks’<sup>®</sup> Updates
Article Post Date
April 15th 2015 by Scott Cytron

Our March QuickBooks® update was driven by your feedback, so thank you! Here’s what we updated:
Show related details on the Customers page. Click the  estimates,  unbilled activities and  open invoices bars to see related columns … [Read More…]


Updates to QuickBooks’® Sales Forms

Updates to QuickBooks’<sup>®</sup> Sales Forms
Article Post Date
April 10th 2015 by Scott Cytron

We currently have two platforms for sales customization running in parallel. Many of our customers have been clamoring to get the newest platform, and we’re excited to give it to … [Read More…]


QuickBooks® Online Open Platform Soars

QuickBooks<sup>®</sup> Online Open Platform Soars
Article Post Date
March 30th 2015 by Scott Cytron

QuickBooks® Online’s open platform has truly soared – and it could not have been possible without Intuit’s partnership with developers. In fact, just in the past year, Intuit®  increased its developer … [Read More…]


Manage On the Go With QuickBooks® Point of Sale

Manage On the Go With QuickBooks<sup>®</sup> Point of Sale
Article Post Date
February 17th 2015 by Jacint Tumacder

Over the past 18 months, the QuickBooks® Point of Sale team spent a lot of time listening to our users and consultants. They asked and we listened.
This month, QuickBooks Point … [Read More…]


QuickBooks® Online Self-Employed Now Integrates with Stripe

QuickBooks<sup>®</sup> Online Self-Employed Now Integrates with Stripe
Article Post Date
January 26th 2015 by Scott Cytron

A new integration for marketplaces using Stripe for payment processing will enable the growing number of on-demand workers – freelance drivers, delivery-people and other independent contractors – to automate tax reporting … [Read More…]


QuickBooks® Mobile App is Smart, Fast and Easy

QuickBooks<sup>®</sup> Mobile App is Smart, Fast and Easy
Article Post Date
December 8th 2014 by Megan Bhattacharyya

There’s an app for navigating from point A to point B, an app for checking your email, and plenty of apps for playing games … but what about an app … [Read More…]


Provide Your Clients with Better Financial Solutions

Provide Your Clients with Better Financial Solutions
Article Post Date
November 28th 2014 by Scott Cytron

The number of Americans that are financially underserved is staggering. According to the FDIC, more than 20% of households (25 million Americans) are underbanked in 2013, alone.
The reality is these … [Read More…]

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