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Come See Us at Intuit’s® Spring and Summer Conferences and Trade Shows

Come See Us at Intuit’s<sup>®</sup> Spring and Summer Conferences and Trade Shows
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March 31st 2015 by Stephanie Morris

Learn, explore and find out more about Intuit® Tax Online, Lacerte®, ProSeries®, QuickBooks® and much more at Intuit’s spring and summer accounting conferences and trade shows. Get personal guidance and … [Read More…]


The Reimagined ProAdvisor® Program: Clarifications and Updates

The Reimagined ProAdvisor<sup>®</sup> Program: Clarifications and Updates
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March 11th 2015 by Luis F Sanchez Castillo

There have been many changes to the QuickBooks ProAdvisor® Program since December 4, 2014. Many ProAdvisors and non-ProAdvisors that want to join the program, naturally, have questions regarding these changes.
Many … [Read More…]


New Link to Find-a-ProAdvisor® Directory in QuickBooks® Online

New Link to Find-a-ProAdvisor<sup>®</sup> Directory in QuickBooks<sup>®</sup> Online
Article Post Date
March 7th 2015 by Jyothiprakash Trishuleshwar

One of our key goals for the QuickBooks ProAdvisor® Program is to drive more connections between small businesses and accounting professionals like you. Links inside QuickBooks® Online have driven more … [Read More…]


“Intuit® Accountant Council Changed My Life” – It’s Your Time. Apply Today. Create Change.

“Intuit<sup>®</sup> Accountant Council Changed My Life” – It’s Your Time. Apply Today. Create Change.
Article Post Date
February 23rd 2015 by Danielle Ferris

Intuit® is currently seeking applicants to participate in the Accountant Council for open positions this summer.
The Accountant Council is a forum that solicits the voice of accountants and consultants on … [Read More…]


Pens Down, Bottoms Up: 3 Rhode Island Gatherings in February

Pens Down, Bottoms Up: 3 Rhode Island Gatherings in February
Article Post Date
February 18th 2015 by Scott Cytron

Work happens faster with the new QuickBooks® Online Accountant, so you might find some free time at crunch time. To celebrate this game changer, we’re bringing you CPA IPA, a local brew … [Read More…]


Intuit® Acquires ZeroPaper, Establishes Presence in Brazil

Intuit<sup>®</sup> Acquires ZeroPaper, Establishes Presence in Brazil
Article Post Date
January 27th 2015 by Scott Cytron

Intuit’s® new acquisition is the Brazilian startup ZeroPaper, creator of a fast-growing, top-rated money management solution for small businesses in Brazil. Established in 2012, ZeroPaper’s product and strong customer acquisition … [Read More…]


QuickBooks® Connect Returns to San Jose Nov. 2, 2015

QuickBooks<sup>®</sup> Connect Returns to San Jose Nov. 2, 2015
Article Post Date
January 26th 2015 by Scott Cytron

Building on the success of last year’s event, Intuit® will host its second annual QuickBooks® Connect conference at the San Jose Convention Center,  Nov. 2-4. Once again, it will feature … [Read More…]


Who Says Taxes Can’t Be Fun? The Ticket Visits Intuit’s® Plano Headquarters

Who Says Taxes Can’t Be Fun? The Ticket Visits Intuit’s<sup>®</sup> Plano Headquarters
Article Post Date
January 20th 2015 by Stephanie Morris

Who says taxes can’t be fun? Today, Intuit® kicked off tax season with local sports radio talk show, The Musers.
“The Musers are here to help us kick off what can … [Read More…]


Intuit® Loves Accountants and T-Shirt Giveaway!

Intuit<sup>®</sup> Loves Accountants and T-Shirt Giveaway!
Article Post Date
January 16th 2015 by Shauna Maher

Accounting professionals are some of Intuit’s® most important customers.
So much so that we have 900 employees dedicated to helping accounting professionals globally. Under the leadership of Jim McGinnis (@jim_mcginnis), our … [Read More…]


Intuit® Launches QuickBooks® Online Self-Employed

Intuit<sup>®</sup> Launches QuickBooks<sup>®</sup> Online Self-Employed
Article Post Date
January 13th 2015 by Scott Cytron

QuickBooks® Online Self-Employed, a new product designed for freelancers and independent contractors, is now available.
Research conducted as part of the Intuit® 2020 Report, in partnership with Emergent Research, projects that … [Read More…]

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